The Big Rock Candy Mountain - Food Songs


 The Big Rock Candy Mountain - Food Songs

The Big Rock Candy Mountain - Food Songs

On a summer day in the month of May, a burly bum came hiking 

Down a shady lane, through the sugar cane he was looking for his liking.

As he roamed along he sang a song of the land of milk and honey

Where a bum can stay for many a day and he won’t need any money

Oh, the buzzin’ of the bees in the peppermint trees

Near the soda water fountain

At the lemonade springs where the bluebird sings

In the Big Rock Candy Mountain

There’s a lake of gin we can both jump in, and the handouts grow on bushes

In the new-mown hay we can sleep all day,

and the bars all have free lunches

Where the mail train stops and there ain’t no cops

and the folks are tenderhearted

Where you never change your socks and you never throw rocks

and your hair is never parted

On a run came a farmer and his son, to the hay fields they were bounding

Said the bum to the son, “Why don’t you come to that Big Rock Candy Mountain?”

So the very next day they hiked away, all the mile posts they kept counting

But they never arrived at the lemonade tide in the Big Rock Candy Mountain


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